John Owen-Jones 情報 (クリスマスコンサート、ソロアルバム)


1) 12月16日にロイヤルアルバートホールでクリスマスコンサート開催!

Christmas concert performance at RAH in December - 2nd May 2006

More news from that John will perform in a special Christmas concert this year on Saturday 16th December at the Royal Albert Hall, the venue where he is also to perform in Showboat next month. The format of the concert and other performers have not yet been announced. As the concert falls on a Saturday night, it therefore means that John will not be performing in Les Mis駻ables then.

2) 念願のソロアルバムのレコーディング開始!でも、ミュージカルを集めたものではないらしい・・・。

First solo album to begin recording in July! - 2nd May 2006

The news that fans have been waiting for - John is to begin recording his debut solo album (with a full orchestra) at the end of July this year with a release date scheduled some time for the end of August/early September. The full tracklisting has not yet been announced, but reportedly it is "not what you expect", so it may not take the shape of a 'songs from the musicals' album as previously reported in 2004 by icWales.

We will be running a competition for fans to win their own copies as soon as they become available, so keep checking back for updates on the Solo Album page, where you can also see track list suggestions that fans sent in.
by the_big_blue | 2006-05-05 08:45 | POTO-JOJ, Gerry